GRI’s focus on innovation and advancement in research and development has led to its R&D team developing an Eco-Friendly version of its high-performance ULTIMATE XT solid tire.  The GRI R&D team, in collaboration with a team of scientists from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Colombo, has developed the ULTIMATE XT eco-friendly version by replacing petroleum-based oil with natural oil, which is carbon neutral and renewable.

The tire was developed to perform in all surface terrains and harsh working conditions. Test results have indicated that the replacement of petroleum oil with special, environmentally friendly oil has successfully resulted in the superior performance of the tire. The ULTIMATE XT has the capability to run on all surface conditions including, indoor, outdoor, low temperature, high temperature, wet and dry conditions. With this success, GRI will enhance its strategy of manufacturing high performance “Green” Solid Rubber Tires that result in reduced environmental pollution and increased efficiency.

The Premium Plus ULTIMATE XT solid tire is made from top-grade Sri Lankan rubber and engineered to exacting standards, featuring a modern tread design that delivers on low rolling resistance and high run time, thus ensuring longer tire life and conservation of energy.

“All strategic and tactical decisions made by GRI are weighed against its impact on the environment. GRI’s policy is to drive sustainability along with developing Premium Specialty Tires. A key goal at GRI is to contribute to the world that is sustainable, and by doing so, GRI takes into consideration the well-being of not only the current global community but also the generations to come.” Stated Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO GRI.

Our commitment to sustainability is found in every aspect of GRI. It is of utmost importance and enforced through green policies on raw material, production process, waste management and energy utilization. GRI’s responsibility to sustainability is evident through our solar panel power system that covers the entire roof of our factory, utilization of biomass boilers and fully recyclable waste and water management systems. Our factory is a testament to the pioneering spirit and values embodied by everyone at GRI.

GRI is a leading producer of Specialty Tires from Sri Lanka with offices in 9 countries and sales in over 50 countries around the world. GRI produces high-performance Agriculture, Construction and Material Handling Tires.


GRI is known in the specialty tire manufacturing industry for its agility and rapid responsiveness. GRI has been ahead of other companies in the industry facing the current COVID-19 situation as the top management has been very proactive and far-sighted.

The Sri Lanka government has taken rapid pre-emptive action to protect the island nation. GRI has also done the same to ensure the company continues operations and fulfils its customer’s needs. The Sri Lanka government has granted special permission to export companies even under lock down conditions and declared the island’s natural rubber industry as essential for the country.

GRI was quick to deploy remote working in its head office and continued limited operations in its factory with maximum health and safety precautions. “We developed a COVID-19 operating procedure well above that required by the World Health Organization (WHO) and our government, conducted prompt training and instilled a strong sense of responsibility with each employee.” said Dr Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI.

“We produce high-performance Agriculture Tires as well as Material Handling Tires, which are essential to support the food and agriculture industry as well as the logistics industry. GRI is privileged to have this pivotal role in the world’s food supply chain and are committed rise up to the needs of our customers, our country and our world.” said Mr Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director of GRI.

The company produces GREEN EX bias and GREEN XLR radial agriculture tires. GRI has also been producing material handling solid tires for many years and has offices in nine countries with sales in over fifty countries. GRI’s advanced new factory is the largest in Sri Lanka to produce specialty tires and the first to produce radial agriculture tires in the country.

GRI launched the GRIPEX LT122, designed for heavy-duty loader applications., Its sturdy and robust nylon casing provides extraordinary impact and shock resistance for extensive tire life. The tread compound ensures resistance against wear and cuts, whilst the unique tread design enables higher traction for better productivity. The inter lug design of the GRIPEX LT122 is unique. The tire has unmatched puncture resistance and durability for less downtime in operations. This is of the utmost importance when overcoming obstacles on the ground, which expose the tire to the serious risks of puncture or casing deterioration.

The GRIPEX LT122 is currently available in size 14.9-24, with more sizes to be released soon. Also available in this tire range for loader applications, are the GRIPEX LT100 in size – 12.5/80-18 and GRIPEX LT300 in size –  9.00-16.

“To build great structures and roads requires vision and the equipment to bring them to life. Earthmovers, loaders and excavators, rely on their tires to provide the stability needed to perform effectively. At GRI, we aim to effectively deliver the high-performance construction tires that these machines depend on to move material.” Stated Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI.


GRI, a leading producer of Specialty Tires from Sri Lanka, has acquired Industrial Tire Specialist AXIS Tyres in Australia. The acquisition is focused on the forklift segment of AXIS Industrial Tyres Pty Ltd in Australia. It includes the four branches of AXIS in Altona and Braeside in Melbourne, the Sydney branch and the branch in Adelaide. GRI adds these four AXIS branches to its own branch in Brisbane, thereby strengthening its presence in industrial tires and service in Australia and creating a national footprint.

“This venture has further expanded GRI’s global industrial tire service network and will achieve our goal of increasing distribution channels in Australia and getting closer to our customers at a national level. GRI will now be able offer our high-performance material handling tires to forklift companies and operators across Australia.” Stated Prabhash Subasinghe, Managing Director of GRI.

AXIS Tyres, which is a subsidiary of Tradefaire International Pty Ltd was founded by Mr. James Saunders in 1992, and operates in many business segments including forklift tires, truck tires, agriculture tires and off-the-road tires. Its operations span over several locations in Australia.

“With a strong growth strategy at our core in all the segments that we operate in, GRI acquired AXIS Tyres to strengthen our reach in Australia. We were already established in Brisbane, offering superior tyres and service in that state. With this acquisition GRI is now able to offer this service excellence also in Melbourne, Sydney and Adelaide.” Said Dr Mahesha Ranasoma, CEO of GRI.

GRI will elevate the level of service and the quality of tires that AXIS has been offering to its loyal customers across Australia. GRI will also work with other distribution and service partners to provide a compelling offering to all National Accounts.

GRI continues to grow not only in the Material Handling tire segment but also in Agriculture tires and Construction tires. Having built a strong reputation in Material Handling tires since 2002, GRI embarked to produce a compelling range of Agriculture and Construction tires in Sri Lanka. GRI built an advanced factory, with some of the best tire building machines and started production in April 2018. In just over 18 months GRI has launched over 200 new products from its Advanced Specialty Tire factory.

GRI is a leading producer of Specialty Tires from Sri Lanka with offices in 9 countries and sales in over 50 countries around the world. GRI produces high-performance Agriculture, Construction and Material Handling Tires.